Artificial Intelligence Workshop

DJSCE’S IETE DJ Cognitive Workshop 2020 was held on the 30th of October from 11am to
3pm. Excited attendees joined in on the virtual event as the first speaker of the day, Kashish
Shah was introduced to us by the host. Kashish, a TE student of EXTC in DJ Sanghvi adeptly
introduced the event and the team’s goal of building a strong machine learning group of
individuals within the college.
The mic was then passed onto Moksha Shah who officially began this engaging workshop by
enlightening the students about the theory behind machine learning for the first day. The
difference between weak and strong artificial intelligence was first explained so that the
attendees could grasp the concept of what they were embarking upon. She then moved onto
the beginning of Artificial Intelligence and the strong history behind this futuristic
technology. Correlations between the three main topics of the workshop were then discussed,
namely AI, ML and DL.
Attendees were then taken on an in depth analysis of Machine Learning and how it functions.
Data preprocessing and Data complexities were further discussed wherein we learned about
encoding categorical data and the theory behind it. We then moved onto gradient descent and
the types of learning present in the vast field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
such as supervised learning, regression, classification, etc.
After a quick break and with the above theory in mind the attendees then moved onto
constructing the IPL score predictor using python. The attendees along with Agam worked
tirelessly till 3pm fixing bugs and constructing the predictor and gained great practical
knowledge through this.
2On Sunday, the 1st of November, the event began at 11am, with extraordinary zeal amidst the
attendees. After a warm welcome and brief introduction by the host, Moksha Shah took
control of the wheel. She navigated the attendees into deeper and conceptual aspects of deep
learning, which proved to be a solid foundation for the NLP chatbot project. She went on to
explain to the eager attendees the crux of the concepts of Neural Networks and Natural
Language Processing. Sub topics like the backward propagation, hidden layers, weights and
biases, epochs, hyper parameters, lemmatization, stemming, tokenization etc were also
explored adequately.
After a solid theoretical foundation was built, Kashish Shah then aided the attendees with
setting up their Google Collaboratory Notebooks. Soon after a green flag from all the
attendees, the event progressed ahead as Kashish helped the attendees prep up the dataset.
Alongside as the code paved the way to a successful chat bot project, our speakers explained
to us what each command of the code contributes to.
After a quick refreshing break, the ML enthusiasts unflaggingly worked with Kashish
fabricating their own chatbot. After lines and lines of coding, the enthusiasts were excited as
they neared the end of fabricating their own models.
Post making the chat bot model, the penultimate step was to deploy it. Moksha skillfully
taught the learners the basics of flasks. The attendees later integrated a basic html website and
keenly experimented with their accomplished chat bot. This amazing and insightful session
marked its end as the grateful attendees and speakers bid farewell.