Dj Strike Inauguration Report


The inaugural ceremony for DJ Strike 2018, which took place on the 10th of October, commenced with the guest of honor, our esteemed Principal Dr.Hari Vasudevan and the Head of Department of the Electronics and telecommunications department Dr.Amit A. Deshmukh, decalring the completion open. The winning and runner up projects from last year’s competition were unveiled alongside. In presence along with the principal were a group dignitaries that included the Vice Principal Dr. Ashish C. Daptadar, the Head of departments and faculty members of various branches. The unveiling of the projects was followed by a few encouraging words from the principal who spoke about the benefits of having an event like DJ Strike and how impactful events like these are on the profile building of a student.

Dr. Amit Deshmukh, the HOD of EXTC Department, talked of how project making is an important skill that can be honed during these crucial four years. With the college facilities at our disposal and a highly experienced faculty, who are willing to go out of their way to help and mentor students, it is the best possible time to learn the intricacies of project making and paper publishing. Also the approachable faculty and seniors provide the best possible guidance that one can ask for. He also insisted on having the event be a greater success than it was the previous year.

As faculty coordinators for the entire event Professor Venkatramanan, Professor Yukti Bandi and Professor Tushar Sawant next spoke of how they had seen students pass through the four years of engineering without having any paper published despite having made excellent projects. As teachers they felt that it was in their power to help students make the best use of these college years and build a better profile resonating their project making abilities.

The chairperson of the IETE-SF 2017-18, Ms. Heetika Gada was called upon next to say a few encouraging words to the participating students to help boost the confidence and give them a student’s point of view to the whole event. As an organizer, participant and runner up in DJ Strike 2017-18, her words perhaps the most relatable, were perceived eagerly.

The current chairperson of the IETE-SF, Advait Varma was requested thereafter to share his take on event. He spoke of the importance of such projects and the role they play in improving our practical knowledge while strengthening the theoretical aspect of the curriculum. Having participated in the event himself last year he shared his experience with the students and encouraged more to come forward and be a part of the competition.

The event being open for all departments, students from every department were in attendance.  Moreover organizing open events like these has encouraged inter department association.

When stepping out into the professional world and actually working jobs, its skills that we learn in our college that put us forward and set us apart from the crowd. The basic knowledge that we obtain from books can only take us so far but it’s the practical knowledge and experience gained in competitions as these that is priceless and puts us a step above the rest. Having a published technical paper at any point is a marvelous achievement and what better time than now to try our best. With encouraging words as these the event was concluded by Dr. Amit A. Deshmukh.