Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering

Report of Industrial Visit to Minda SAI Ltd.

Activity: Industrial Visit

Title: Industrial Visit to Spark Minda SAI Ltd.

Date: 9th February, 2019

Number of students participated: 30

Year: S.E./T.E

Industry: Minda SAI Ltd.

Details/ Contents/ Topics:

An Industrial Visit to Minda SAI Limited an Automotive Systems Solution provider, was held on the 9th February, 2019. Located at Murbad, Minda SAI has this as an exclusive plant to provide System Solutions to Mahindra & Mahindra corporations. The Industrial Visit started with a 3 hour bus journey from Sahara Star to the Minda SAI production plant. The students were accompanied by Dr. Sunil Karamchandani. On reaching the plant, everyone assembled in the Conference room of the production plant. The students were given a brief introduction about the company, the production plant functioning, and its various products being manufactured. The students were then divided into smaller groups and accompanied by factory personnels to take a tour of the entire factory.

Firstly the students were taken to the training zone where the newly employed staff was given theoretical and practical training. They are taught various aspects to improve their efficiency and quality of work. From how to identify defects to cable assembly and taping, the staff gets through training before they start their job. This ensures the quality of the products manufactured by the company. We were then shown the storage room where all the raw materials required for the manufacturing of the products is imported and stored in an extremely organised manner. The students then headed to the main production line up where the products were manufactured from raw to the final export stage. The students were introduced and familiarised with the heavy industry machinery. These were very efficient machines costing approx one crore rupees. They were shown how the manual data reports were made to cross check with the computer generated production information. The students were then given a demonstration of how the custom wire end nodes were manually added via heavy industry machines. The person in charge had to attach the nodes and joints perfectly well. The machines were advanced enough to keep in count the mistakes and the perfect nodes and joints made by the person operating the machinery. The manual labour included, joining mid joints, wire endings and quality testing of the products for quality assurance purposes.The students were taken to the assembly line up where the entire electrical harness of Mahindra & Mahindra’s Scorpio 4×4 was assembled and tested. All the components were assembled in a such a manner that the wiring harness was ready to get placed in the car while the car is being manufactured.

Plenty of factors are taken into consideration while the harness is being assembled such as waterproofing, connections, taping, clip attachments and many more which ensured the harness in the car lasts for 10 to 15 years. We were also taken to the testing lab where the products were being tested for quality reassurance. Lastly the students were shown the dispatch room where all the manufactured products were packed and transported to different factories.

Thus, the students had been enlightened with the knowledge of the entire process of manufacturing from raw materials to the final product dispatch.

Post lunch, the production plant authorities as per their customs took the students to the garden area to plant some trees as a gesture to save our environment from Global Warming. Indeed the Industrial Visit was a great learning experience for all of us, expanding our boundaries of knowledge about real life industrial production.

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