RADAR Lecture

Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering

Report of Seminar on Radar Technology

Activity: Guest Lecture

Title: Radar Technology

Date: 6th of October, 2018.

Number of students participated: 60-70

Year: T.E./B.E.

Resource Person: Prof. S.S. Kakatkar

Details: Radar technology has always been an enticing and ever expanding field. It has been the work and life of Professor S.S. Kakatkar, guest lecturer for the day.

The seminar was hosted by Professor S.S. Kakatkar on the of 6th of October,2018.

An engineering graduate of COEP and post graduate degree holder of IIT, Kharagpur, Prof. Kakatkar joined Society for Applied Microwave Electronics Engineering and Research (SAMEER) in the year 1991. Currently he is working as a Scientist in RFMS division of SAMEER, Mumbai and is also associated with the Arms Division as Scientist -F. He has made major contribution in the areas of Radio Frequency and Microwave systems and in the design of antenna elements, high power RF/MW sources for industrial applications. He has authored and co-authored more than 40 research papers in international peer-reviewed journals and conferences.

SAMEER is a widespread organization with centers in Chennai, Mumbai and Kolkata and more recently have also come up in Vishakhapatnam and Guwathi. The centre in Mumbai, which is located at the IIT Bombay campus, has achieved great success in cancer treatment and strives to make it affordable for the masses.

The seminar was broadly divided into three parts. An introduction on radar technology, followed by the basics of RADAR and the emerging trends of this technology concluded the seminar.

The seminar moved forward with an introduction to RADAR and the principle involved. Bats and dolphins have always used SONAR as a way to hunt and survive and this principle inspired the usage of Sonar in various applications of utmost importance. RADAR in turn has been developed on the principle of SONAR. The applications of RADAR are innumerable. It is used in Surveillance, Air traffic control, Ground moving target, image mapping, navigation, weather analysis, perimeter security, active/passive tracking to name a few. The architecture of the RADAR antenna was explained in detail and this was followed by an interactive session on the importance of a duplexer. As the seminar proceeded the construction and application of RADAR were explained in great detail. The problems faced while using RADAR and the ways to overcome them were also spoken about. Emphasis was given on the derivation and the importance of the equation calculating the power intercepted by the antenna.

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