Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering

Report of Industrial Visit to SAMEER, IIT Bombay

Activity: Industrial Visit

Title: Industrial Visit to SAMEER, IIT Bombay.

Date: 8th October, 2018.

Number of students participated: 50-60

Year: S.E./T.E/B.E.

Resource Person: Prof. S.S.Kakatkar

Institute/Industry: SAMEER, IIT Bombay


An Industrial Visit(IV) was organized on 8th October 2018 by the IETE-SF Committee to SAMEER, IIT Powai Campus. SAMEER stands for Society for Applied Microwave Electronics Engineering. SAMEER was set up as an autonomous R & D laboratory at Mumbai under the then Department of Electronics, Government of India with a broad mandate to undertake R & D work in the areas of Microwave Engineering and Electromagnetic Engineering Technology. It is an offshoot of the special microwave products unit (SMPU) set up in 1977 at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR), Mumbai. SAMEER, Mumbai was setup in 1984. SAMEER is directed by Shri K. R. Kini.

SAMEER, Mumbai is pursuing research and development in the field of Optical electronics, Medical Electronics, Radar based instrumentation, Atmospheric Remote sensing & Meteorology, RF & Microwave systems and components, Navigational electronics etc. Many of its R&D outputs and spin-offs have found applications and acceptance in industry.

SAMEER-CEM, Chennai is pursuing Research and Development, Consultancy, test and evaluation services in the areas of electromagnetics and antennas, EMI/EMC, communications and thermal management. SAMEER, Kolkata, the youngest of the three Centers is pursuing R&D activities in antennas, electromagnetics, RF/Microwave components and subsystems.

In the Industrial Visit, the students were briefly explained about the Projects and Applications undertaken by SAMEER, some of them are:

  • India’s first MST Radar which is also the 2nd largest in the world.

  • India’s first indigenously developed Linear Accelerator for Cancer treatment.

  • Energy efficient Drying/Heating System for textile, Food, Ceramic, Chemical, Pharma, Rubber applications through RF/Microwave.

  • Microwave dis-infection system for hazardous hospital waste.

The students were shown different divisions of SAMEER and were explained their functioning in detail.

Photonics Division:

Development of Fiber Optic Gyroscope Design and Analysis Simulator for Closed Loop Fiber Optic Gyroscope is developed. Design and simulation study of Integrated Optic Gyro Chip was carried out. The femtosecond laser writing is a new approach of fabricating optical waveguide device and a unique way of fabricating 3D integrated optic devices in various materials.

Cloud Radar:

A Phased Array Sodar is developed for environmental assessment with remote operation facility. The system is developed with special emphasis given to environmental assessment studies. The Ka-Band Polarimetric Cloud Radar offers better information about micro physical information about Hydrometeors. The students were shown the various graph plots which are generated by the Weather Radar. 

Atmospheric Microwave Heating System:

SAMEER has developed a microwave heating system which powers upto 15KW. It has application in Soyabean Seed processing, Tea drying, nanomaterial processing and as a disinfectant system. The machines have a 30 minutes cycle and are easily operated with one button operation.

Medical Electronics:

The dual photon and multiple electron energy integrated oncology system is an advanced version of Linear accelerator used for cancer therapy. This project includes design and developmental work in critical areas like beam bending system, triode guns, electron dosimetry, asymmetric collimator, etc. This medical Linear accelerator system will have two photon energies and five electron energies for the treatment.

Photographs of events: