A two-day workshop on ‘PCB designing’ was conducted by the student forum of IETE on 1st and 2nd October,2017, as part of IETE-SF’s ‘FORTNIGHT’.

The first day of the workshop was conducted by Kinjal Savla who is the Technical Head of IETE. She started off by giving a brief introduction on what a PCB is, the importance of PCB designing and the benefits of it were also explained. The ‘Altium designer’ software was used by the workshop attendees for the purpose of designing the PCB. Their first task was to design a ‘CE-Amplifier’ with the aid of the Altium designer software. The software design tools required to design the amplifier was explained thoroughly by Kinjal. Concepts like footprint, manual routing, auto routing, cross connections, netlist and tracking process were made clear by her. After the completion of the first task, the workshop attendees were taught how to design a timer circuit using IC 555. Finally, the participants were taught how to create their own libraries using the Altium Designer software.


The second day of the workshop was jointly conducted by Pooja Jha, who is the secretary of IETE and Shivam Pandey from the technical co-committee of IETE. The participants were assigned the task to design and implement a light detector circuit. PCB designing skills like printing, ironing, cleaning, etching and soldering were covered in the workshop.

The participants had an amazing learning experience as they successfully learnt how to design their own printed circuit boards.