IETE-SF conducted a lecture on Power Electronics as the third event of ‘Fortnight’ on 25th of September. Power Electronics is the study of switching electronic circuits in order to control the flow of electrical energy. It is the technology behind switching power supplies, power converters, power inverters and many other common applications.

The workshop was conducted from 3 pm to 5.30 pm by Prof. Niharika Maliwar and Prof. Ameya Kadam.

Points Covered

The lecture was divided into two halves. The first half of the lecture was conducted by Prof. Niharika Maliwar. She started off with a brief introduction of Power Electronics, covering the basic concept and its significance.She then proceeded to explain its two main applications: Switching and Rectification, and also mentioned practical applications like speed control, light dimmers, SAPF, etc.

The second half  of the lecture was conducted by Prof. Ameya Kadam. He explained in detail about the most important application of Power Electronics, that is, SCR or Silicon Controlled Rectifier. He started off with the basic structure and construction of an SCR, which is a thyristor. After explaining the important points of difference between transistors and thyristors, he proceeded to explain the different modes in which SCR can be operated and its working in each modes. He concluded the lecture by recommending some good reference books to study about Power Electronics in greater detail.

















It was a great learning experience for all the students as Power Electronics is a very important concept that every engineering student should know about. The organised manner of teaching helped the students in grasping the concept quickly and also provided them with a foundation for delving deeper into the subject. Overall, it turned out to be a very informative and useful session.