About the seminar

IETE-SF conducted a seminar on ‘How to write a Technical Paper’ as the third event of ‘Fortnight’ on 27th of September. A technical paper is a document that describes the process, progress, or results of technical or scientific research.

The workshop was conducted from 4 pm to 6 pm by Prof. Mrinal Patwardhan, in the seminar hall with more than 60 students attending the event.

Introduction to Technical Paper

Prof. Mrinal began the session by asking two simple questions: What is a technical paper and why is it required. She encouraged the participants to contribute their knowledge about the subject and then built her own answer by putting together all the points and summarizing it into three points: To convey ideas, to add to the compilation of human knowledge and bringing more clarity to your work. She then proceeded to explain what exactly a Technical Paper should aim at achieving. “A technical paper should convince the readers that a particular problem is interesting and difficult to solve, making it clear that you solved it.”, she said.

After introducing the basic idea behind writing a technical paper, she explained the thought process that goes behind writing it by drawing an analogy with a story of ogres attacking a village and how the villagers built a fence to prevent those attacks. A technical paper must start off by elaborating upon the ‘ogre’ i.e. the problem, go on to propose a ‘fence’ i.e. a possible solution and provide the results obtained on testing with statistical verification to give a measure of its consistency. Finally, it should provide references.

In the second half of the session, she taught the exact format in which a technical paper has to be written, along with some useful tips that she has learnt through her years of experience She concluded the session by suggesting some websites and softwares that can help in understanding this process better.

The session was very informative and interactive, especially for the participants of DJ Strike, as they are required to write a tech paper for their projects. Prof. Mrinal’s unique way of explaining the process had the students interested and engaged throughout the session. To sum it up, it is a great example of an excellently delivered seminar.