Industrial Visits have always played an essential role in helping students to think outside the walls of their academic curriculum and gain knowledge about real life applications regarding their field of study. This year, IETE-SF organized an industrial visit to Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope (GMRT), Pune, which was held on 9th March, 2018.


The GMRT has a total of 30 telescopes spread over a range of 25 km, in order to collect data from different locations and combine them to generate images. A miniature model of all the GMRT telescopes was shown to the students at the beginning and an explanation regarding all the basic details of the facility was given to the students by a technician on the grounds. He started off with an overview on what a radio telescope is, explaining the meaning of each word in ‘Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope’. He spoke briefly about the evolution in their development. This was followed by a briefing on how GMRT works, from collecting information to generating a combined image in order to generate information in a comprehensible manner. Following this, the structural components of the GMRT and their purpose was explained. The students also gained knowledge regarding the antenna rotation and elevation control process as they gained an inside access of the facility. Finally, the students were escorted in groups of 12 to observe the control panel and gain a better knowledge about how it works.


The industrial visit was enlightening for all the students as the explanation was engaging and interactive. Students gained vast amounts of knowledge about radio telescopes as they got to see its real-life applications. Also, a lot of theoretical concepts and their importance was cleared as they got to see practical applications of those concepts. The students had sufficient time to ask doubts and their doubts were cleared with enthusiasm. The IETE-SF team was appreciated for their efforts for organizing and making this industrial visit a grand success.