Industrial Visits

Industrial Visit to Onida – MIRC Electronics Pvt Ltd, (Kudus Village, Wada, Thane)

This Industrial Visit to Onida – MIRC Electronics Pvt Ltd was conducted on 17th March 2016. Since its inception, the brand Onida has evolved into a multi-product company with products ranging from television sets to home appliances like microwaves. The Main Objective of this visit was to make the student understand the process and different stages of LED TV manufacturing and its product evaluation process.
Industrial Visit to Reliance Industries Limited (Silvassa Manufacturing Plant)

An Industrial visit to this Polyester filament yarn plant at Silvassa was held on 18th February 2016. It is the most automated and one of the most environment friendly plants globally. The main objective to visit this plant was to observe the automation unit for packaging of the yarn. This plant produces nearly 1.5 million tons of polyester filament yarns per year.

Industrial Visit to Reliance Thermal Power Station (Dahanu)

Mumbai guzzles roughly 3500 to 4000 Mega Watt of power. The main source of this staggering amount of power is through this plant. This Industrial visit was conducted on 24th March 2017. This coal based Thermal power station is operated by Reliance Infrastructure. It has an installed capacity of 500 MW with 2 units of 250MW. Each unit consisted of one Boiler, one Turbine and one Process Control Room (PCR).