We live in a world where all kinds of technologies are available to us at the tip of our fingers.Our lives have become tremendously easier with different gadgets and technologies right from cell phones to faster internet networks to recording set top boxes and so on.The development of cellphones itself has made us more connected to the world.All we have to do is check our twitter accounts to see what’s trending around the world.Or make a call to talk to a person living miles away from you.Scientists are dreaming and implementing bigger technologies like artificial intelligence,self driving cars,hyperloop,internet of things and many more.This booming rise of technology has dramatically changed the way we live.Dreams which were just ideas are becoming real. All this has paved a path for wondrous developments.But have you wondered for a minute about how technology is affecting us or has already affected us on an individual level?


Social media like Whatsapp,Instagram and Facebook have given us the opportunity to become closer to our friends,family,acquaintances and maybe even long lost friends.But how many of us actually use their social media accounts to have meaningful conversations with our peers? It is strange to see people constantly craning their necks looking at their phones even when they are amongst many human beings! We have forgotten how to talk face to face with people.Each one of us is so dependent on the internet that we forget to look at what is happening around us.The advent of cellphones and internet itself has dramatically overturned our lives in many positive ways but it also seems to be developing new psychological problems for us.With the internet speed becoming faster and faster,we have lost our ability to maintain patience since we resort to instant gratification!People want everything to be done within a matter seconds! Simple spellings which we learnt in school are forgotten by us because of the autocorrect facility on our phones!How bad is that?We may feel that we are living in a tech savvy world today but with the monumental progress of artificial intelligence,many more technologies are yet to come.Soon we will be living in a world where technology is so advanced that each of us may have self driving cars.Maybe human jobs right from the cleaners to doctors and engineering jobs might be taken over by human like robots!Who knows?We might become so dependent on technology that just like in the movie ‘WALL-E’,we might even leave Earth and let robots do all of our work.We might not even have to lift our fingers to get a glass of water!There might be some kind of advanced technology which humans in the future might be dependent on.Maybe we may let robots do all the work that they may start thinking like real humans and become conscious….


The world wouldn’t be what it is today without these mind-breaking technologies.  We as humans are extremely thankful that we have been blessed to live in a world with technology unlike our grandparents and great-grandparents  who lived in a world with zero traces of tech.Can you even imagine that ?? But let us hope that we don’t become too dependent on technology that we lose our fundamental human nature.Let us not let that happen!Let us not reach to a point where we have to face ‘Judgement day’ like in the movie ‘Terminator’!


Preethi Abraham


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