Project Management Workshop

The insightful event conducted by IETE-SF as part of their flagship events series Fortnight
started off with great enthusiasm all around. With IETE’s very own Tarak Sawant introducing
the esteemed guest Mr. Pramod Mirji, an expert in the field. Mr. Mirji addressed the attendees
present greeting them and reminding us all about the Covid guidelines before commencing
the informative session.
Starting off, Mr. Mirji talked about the definition of a project from the attendees present.
Getting ample answers, he reiterated some of them, telling us that a good project consists of
designing, innovation and solutions with a tangible goal or achievement at the end. He also
told us about the fact that a project may have a form of limited resources like time, supplies,
Moving on, Mr. Mirji adeptly gave us a quick overview of what he would be discussing with
students like planning, implementation, feasibility and other important aspects. Starting off,
the attendees listened in as the most important part of project development was discussed
which was feasibility. Mr. Mirji informed the students about how to go about measuring how
feasible one’s project is by looking at survey demands, shortcomings of existing products in
the real world, differentiations your project should have and how the project will fare out in
the competitive real world. He also informed the students that a good project needed to be
sustainable for atleast 5 years.
Up next on the agenda, the correct way to plan a project was discussed. The expert elucidated
on the importance of having a master schedule with a set timeline and milestones in place.
One must also foresee bottlenecks or critical activities needed throughout the course of
development. Along with this, organisation charts with responsibilities allotted and a rigor
shown in review will benefit the team greatly, advised Mr. Murji.
Next up, the implementation of a well planned project was discussed with the students
present. Mr. Mirji discussed how crucial it was to make that plan and start making it into a
reality. He forewarned the students that they may face unexpected challenges to what they
have planned when it comes to actual execution, and hence they need to be ready for change,
including a crisis. He advised students to look for critical building blocks that could
potentially prove fatal if not executed properly.
After this, Mr. Mirji discussed how important a good review is in making a project successful
during its development phases. From getting your friends and faculty to review it to asking an
expert in the field, he advised the students to get reviews after every milestone the project
reaches. Further on, the PDCA(I) which stands for Plan, Do, Check Act and Innovate parts of
project development was talked about. Elucidating on each step, Mr. Mirji shared his
expertise on running a successful project to the delight of the audience.
Slowly drawing the session to an end Mr. Mirji talked about the possible pitfalls that may
occur during this phase and how to combat them. He told the students to have faith in
themselves, and to not be disheartened if initial results are discouraging. Finally, our expert
Tel: +91 022 4233 5000/42335001 Email: Website: a case study with the attendees on a Project, Sprayer Assembly and Testing taking
us through the process of its development.
Thus, with that Mr. Mirji gave the stage to the students and attendees present to ask him
question, of which everyone took ample use of and voiced their doubts. The hosts then closed
the session and thanked our enlightening guest Mr. Pramod Mirji for being present