IETE-SF conducted a ‘Tech Talk’ By Mr. Rajeev Raval on 6th of March, 2018. He is an Electronics Engineer from Ramrao Adik College of Engineering with 22 years of experience with multinational IT companies like Ashtech Infotech, Tata Elxsi, Reuters and NCR corp. He is currently working as a Sr. Deal Architect & Head in Pre-Sales and Security Solutions at BT Global Services.


Mr. Rajeev began the talk with a simple yet enlightening question ‘What is an engineer?’ By engaging students, he explained the basic concept- To creatively solve problems without compromising on the quality of the service. Tech trends like Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Block Chain, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Cloud, Big Data, Security terminologies were the kind of topics he spoke at great length.


He gave real life examples to explain how the biggest Tech companies like Google, Amazon and Facebook were created, the journey of their growth, how they use cloud and the revolutionary way of linearly storing data to explain the implementation of the tech trends. The students were explained how minimum hardware was used to optimize cloud storage by data compression. The concept of bare metal coding was introduced to them. Virtualization Technology is used widely in Networks, servers, applications, storage, desktop, etc. Examples were explained to provide a thorough idea about how they are used in actuality.

The importance of big data and the necessity to mine information from the huge streams of data is brought to light as the various ways of sorting storing and managing data is discussed. The working Hadoop a platform to save big data framework and store and utilize data is explained. He touched upon a vast range of topics from the founding story of Google, to Radio-frequency identification, Application Programming Interfaces to Crypto currencies.


The subsections of the large domain Artificial Intelligence like Natural language processing, Automated reasoning, Machine learning and neural computing were briefed about. The applications of Artificial intelligence were talked about and how they came to be were discussed.

A question arose about the differences between a data scientist and a computer scientist, and the difference between computer engineering and computer science. The doubts of the confused students were solved with a story explaining the task of each aspect of the course in a captivating way. He shared information with the students about how they can increase their knowledge, broaden their horizon and grow in the right direction. By referring to certain books, magazines and teaching the students that learning in engineering is a never-ending process to keep up with the advancing technology and fast paced competitive world.