Technical Paper Writing Seminar

Knowledge is the treasure chest of the mind and application is the key to opening it. With these important words in mind, IETE-SF conducted the “Technical Writing Webinar” on the 1st of February, 2021 from 2pm to 4pm. This virtual meet was hosted by the dynamic Riyansh Shah, with more than 140 students present waiting to listen to the amazing panelists from the department of electronics and telecommunications.

The event started off with the host explaining the importance of conducting these informative events and how skills like technical writing are vital in all fields. She also thanked the panelists for their presence and with that the mic was then passed onto the first panelist for the afternoon, Prof (Mrs.) Anuja A. Odhekar.

The multifaceted assistant professor and research scholar, Prof. Odhekar, first introduced herself to the students present and further explained the importance of technical writing in different walks of life. She explicated the need for presenting a technical paper to the right audience depending on the depth of your research and interest you’re trying to focus on in the paper. Further on, the students present were informed about the difference between conference presentations and journal writing in technical papers and how they differ from one another.

Professor Odhekar further went on to explain the cycle of technical presentation from conference and journal selection to the process of review and paper publication. Each step was explained thoroughly with the students listening eagerly. Further on, indexing was explained with special care taken to elucidate on the importance against plagiarism and piracy in all journals. The panelist explained different institutions who take care of indexing such as MedLine, SCOPUS, etc. and how the present ISBN number in DJ Spark plays a salient role.

Lastly, the professor explained the concept of “paper preparation as per the template”, explaining the significance of choosing a title that will convey the soul of your work and how well the abstract part of the paper needs to be written. The host, Riyanshi, then passed the mic onto the next panelist for the afternoon, Assistant Professor Mrs. Poonam Kadam.

Professor Kadam started her session off by explaining the important concept of why one should write a technical paper themselves. She explained how the process of writing garners better insights into the area of one’s interest. Additionally the students learnt about what makes a manuscript strong with aspects like proper flow, clear and useful language, objectivity, brevity and accuracy being some of the major points covered. Thus, closing her panel, Professor Kadam explained each section of a technical paper concisely, covering everything from introduction and results to references and the process carried out after submission.

After that enlightening panel, IETE-SF’s very own Heta Shah took over from the professors and concisely took the attendees through the expected format and citations their technical papers should have. Taking up key points such as authorship, the correct way to have figures and the elements of a good technical paper, the students were left well informed. Lastly ending the panel with the importance of composing, revising and the required IETE format with the important fonts, sizes and plagiarism. Finally the event was concluded with a quick question and answers session conducted by Divjyot Saluja. Herein all the doubts of the students were cleared up by panelists and with that the session soon ended with the host thanking the Professors Odhekar and Professor Kadam